Why Choose Us

We're Passionate

We love what we do, helping homeowners in London & Essex. Our track record is superb and we bring professionalism to each and every job.

We're Honest

The best thing for everyone is to be honest and upfront, and that’s how we do business. It’s called integrity, and we practice it with our customers and suppliers.

We're Dependable

When you contact us for our services, you know the job will get done. Whether it’s a full bathroom remodel or fixing some electrical wiring, we’ll do it on time and on budget.

We're Flexible

We know that you can’t plan everything and that things sometimes go awry. That’s why we work with you on your schedule and according to your needs.

Who We Are?


Morgan Sharp Contractors has been operating in and around London & Essex since 2016. That’s the year we incorporated as a business, though we’d been working for previous companies for some time before that.

It’s that years of experience that gives us the knowledge you’re looking for. We know how owning a home can be, and the problems that homeowners experience. Broken pipes, faulty bathrooms, haywire kitchens…we’ve seen it all. We have a wide range of services and professionals that know how to handle them all.


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